Author: Amy Lynch

Simplify Your Life… In the Kitchen, At Least

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Some suggestions in life are just plain easier to follow than others. For example: “Tame the chaos in your kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer!” is something we’d all love to do in theory, but let’s face it: these things are easier said than done.

Enter PRK Products Inc. to solve all our organizational glitches… in the kitchen, anyway. Their quaint little organizers are dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate free and can be stored in the pantry, fridge or freezer. Read more…

Color Crush: Salmon Is Good for You

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We all know eating salmon is good for us — it’s low in bad fats and high in good ones, not to mention tasty and nutritious. But when it comes to interior design, a little bit of salmon (or a lot, for that matter) can boost one’s mood while providing comfort at the same time.

Unapologetically feminine, yet not as in-your-face as bright hot pinks and bubblegum hues, this amalgamation of peach, pink and red comes together in a warm, welcoming color that can be dialed up to cover a bright summer wall in coral or toned down to give a hint of pastel to an otherwise neutral room.

Here, a few points of inspiration to get those creative ideas swimming right along.

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Use Your Words: Typography in Home Decor

Posted on Sep 20, 2012 by 1 Comment

Actions may speak louder than words, but words themselves hold a power all their own.  They help us communicate, relate and get a point across; they provide the currency with which we exchange information. So it makes sense that there are so many “font snobs” and typography enthusiasts out there; even when words fail, the way in which they’re presented can still speak volumes.

Today, we’ve pulled together a host of type-inspired home decor, from the most inexpensive and accessible fabrics to help you bring your own creative ideas to life, to one of the most chic and cheeky designers on the market today. First, IKEA treats us to its “Britten Nummer” fabric, with a random string of numbers written longhand in an open, ambling script, shown above.

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A Trio of Awesome DIY Ideas

Posted on Sep 18, 2012 by 1 Comment

While some of us are short on time, even more of us are short on disposable funds, and desperate times call for creative measures where sprucing up our space is concerned.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of inventive inspiration all over the world wide web… and we’ve culled three of the cutest ideas ever in case you’re in the mood to get in touch with your crafty side and make a domestic masterpiece or two.

First, Roadkill Rescue (yep, that’s really the blog’s name, but it’s not referring to that kind of roadkill…) shares an awesome DIY project one of its readers sent in, transforming a tired old chair into a major conversation piece with a swath of lace and a can of spray paint (above).
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Cheap & Chic: Decorating with Paper Lanterns

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Summer may be drawing to a close, but while some of us are ready to embrace scarf/boot/peppermint latte season, others can’t help but cling to the dog days of September and those last few moments of warmth.

Luckily, there are a few easy ways to extend that sweet summer aesthetic into our decor throughout the fall without looking too silly, and paper lanterns are one of them. Read more…

Trendspotting: She’s Crafty

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“She’s crafty!” bellowed the Beastie Boys back in the 80s. They definitely weren’t singing about the sort of thing we’re blogging about here today, but the song was catchy all the same, and hey — regardless of its connotation, everyone loves a crafty girl, right?

So, let’s right get to the point. Today we’ve rounded up a trio of inventive craft ideas to upcycle common objects into objets d’art.

First, ModPodge Rocks shows us how to use the origin of its name along with a bright, cute fabric to breathe new life into an old footstool (above). Next, See Vanessa Craft lets us do just that with her tutorial on concocting rustic-chic vases out of IZZE soda bottles and twine (although really, any soda or beer bottle should suffice).

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Spill Away: The Slipcover Solution

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Kids equal spills. Simple as that. As style-minded as moms might be, and as carefully as we might tiptoe around minor household catastrophes, it is statistically impossible for little disasters not to happen.

That, dear readers, is precisely why the almighty slipcover is Mom’s Best Friend.  For those of us who’ve always wanted that pristine white couch or armchair but never quite made it happen before the kiddos came along, there’s hope; pop on a crisp white slipcover, let the macaroni flow, and when it’s time for some crisis management, toss it in the washer with a capful of detergent. Et voila! Problem solved.

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Style Spotlight on Kate Spade

Posted on Aug 20, 2012 by 1 Comment

She’s cute, she’s clever, she’s geeky, she’s cheeky… she’s Kate Spade, and she will cover you in stripes if you let her.

What started as a handbag brand many, many Manhattan moons ago has turned into a lifestyle brand, spanning the realms of clothing, shoes, accessories, fragrance, and paper goods, finally cresting over into the inevitable world of home decor.

The plucky, cheerful, bold, bright style of the New York-centric label shines through in every last thread of its offerings, including the packaging in which it’s shipped; chirpy little catchphrases about enjoying the whimsicalities of life abound on everything Spade makes.

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Color Crush: A Slice of Lime

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Few colors are as instantly refreshing as a juicy slice of bold, bright lime green. The invigorating hue calls to mind everything from tangy margaritas enjoyed on a cool green lawn to a lush appletini enjoyed in the company of good friends.

So, it makes sense that incorporating a few pops of it into our home decor can offer a much-needed daily shot of visual invigoration.

At the moment, the fresh-cut hue couldn’t be more accessible. Target alone carries the color throughout its entire home decor and appliance line this season, from bathroom essentials like the cute rug, above, to kitchen tools like the Dualit toaster below. Read more…