Barn Renovation You’ll Have A Cow Over

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Barn Renovation You’ll Have A Cow Over

Still homeless. Still dreaming. While my husband and I haven’t found a house to buy yet, I’ve been doing renovation research. Well, OK. Not really ‘renovation research.’ Let’s call it what it is: gawking.

And dreaming.

And here is my barn renovation dream: buy an old barn, fix it so that it’s modern inside and enjoy. Only, there aren’t many barns available in San Francisco. Wouldn’t that be cool, though, to be able to say to your kids, “Table manners please! You weren’t raised in a barn!” But they were. Raised in a barn. Get it. He he.

OK, lame sense of humor aside, here are some pictures of barn renovations that might be more convincing than my ‘raised in a barn’ joke.

Did you know there is a whole ‘how to’ book on renovating a barn, called appropriately Renovating Barns? Well, of course there is. And about umpteen different sites, too.

Design Caller put together an eyeopening array of barn photos/projects that are decidedly NOT tempering my idea.

This barn living/dinning room is jaw droppingly gorgeous. Just think of curling up a like a cozy kitty cat on that couch.

The whole project over at Coolboom rocks. I’ve never seen curved barn doors before, have you?

Modern rustic. Two of my favorite words together.

And finally, prepare to have your mind blown by this 15th century barn conversion.

I know renovations aren’t to be taken lightly. Have you renovated a home – have stories to tell? My first home, that I renovated with my first husband, outlasted the marriage but was oddly a delightful experience, if not extremely hard work.

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