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I recently read about moms buying and selling breast milk online…can you imagine, buying someone ELSE’S breast milk? I know it’s filled with all sorts of good stuff – great stuff in fact – but that’s when it comes out of YOUR OWN BOOB. How do you know what the lactating woman who sold/donated her milk eats or what diseases she may carry? Since breast milk is a bodily fluid it naturally carries all those nasty things as well.

Not to mention, can you really trust a “milk bank”? And, isn’t that what formula is for?

Now, if you’ve got some weird fetish, then what the hell, be my guest and buy some one’s extra breast milk. I’ve also heard that people with compromised immune systems and those with cancer could derive great benefits from drinking breast milk

But, just think about that for a second…someone who doesn’t have a functioning immune system taking a fluid that may carry Hepatitis B or even HIV…not smart.

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