Cleaning Up Your Social Act

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Cleaning Up Your Social Act

Social media is an interesting place, isn’t it? It’s one place that you can catch up with everyone all at once, view lots of photos from all sorts of places, share your thoughts, join groups of people with common interests … the possibilities are endless.

Which is also one of the biggest problems.

It’s easy to share photos of your kids, your home, your vacations … and also your political opinions, religious beliefs, and possibly even your opinions about your employer.

The downside to sites like Facebook is that they change their privacy settings so frequently that it’s difficult to keep up. If you’re not careful, information that you post may become public without you even realizing it. This could jeopardize your relationship with your employer or even put photos of your children into the hands of a stranger.

And, with an influx of employers wanting access to social media sites before they’ll even hire you, it’s also important to keep these things in mind if you’re planning on changing jobs or reentering the workforce.

So, do yourself a favor and make a note on your calendar to check your social media sites once every month … or ever six weeks. Make sure that your privacy settings are sealed up tight and keep prying eyes out.

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