Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make

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Common Fitness Mistakes Women Make

Are you working out but not seeing the results you want? I, for one, need to pay more attention to getting to the gym in the first place. However, when I read this article on the 4 most common fitness mistakes women make by Self Magazine, I thought, ooohhh, I do ALL of these things. How about you – do you sabotage you efforts, too?

Here’s what you are not supposed to do:

1. Cardio, cardio, all the time. Apparently, the rule of thumb is that muscle burns more calories than fat, so you’ll want to build muscle so that even when your body is at rest, you can burn calories. So, add strength training to your regimen and cut down the time on the elliptical! Yes, I’m talking weights. And heavy weights, not 3 pound weights.

2. Focusing on one or two muscle groups. That means quit doing solely abs and butt exercises. Get down and do push ups, get friendly with the pulley machine. Think arms, back, quads – yes even calves. Get your whole body moving in various ways.

3. Not fueling your workout. Before you work out AND after you work out eat carbs and protein, not just salad. Your body needs something to keep going or your blood sugar will drop and you’ll feel all light headed or, worse yet, lose stamina. When I really heard that muscle burns more calories, I realized that I could make my workout last way after I left the gym if I worked my muscles out hard. And that takes energy! So eat up, then work out.

4. Yo-yo work out schedule. Do you exercise like a fiend then forget about it for weeks on end? For me, life tends to get in the way, so I don’t make it to the gym as regularly as I should. A big no no.

It’s funny, I actually know all this stuff, as I’m sure you do, too. But, what makes it interesting to me is that I know it and yet I still DO it. How about you – do you have a work out fall back plan that is actually not as effective as you’d like but you still do it?

Thanks, Self magazine, for reminding me!

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