Danish Designed High Chair

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Take a look at this high chair made by Minui – it’s probably the most compact one you’ll ever see. Such a great streamlined design! It is called the Handy Sitt and is made to fit over a regular dining room (or kitchen) chair so your little one can join in the family meal time.

I first saw this chair at my brother’s house. I loved it when they pulled it out during Christmas. We were all squeezing in around the table and I put my daughter in it. At the time she was just over a year old and pretty well versed at sitting at the table with grown ups.

Unfortunately, the seats all had rounded backs and while my brother assured me they had used it numerous times, halfway through the meal my daughter banged the table with her hands and she and the chair went flying. And we all know how often a baby flails his or her arms around! I don’t know if she pushed backward or the high chair top rail slipped off the top of the chair, but it wasn’t pretty. Luckily she didn’t get hurt. Mostly just scared – as were we all.

Minui does have detailed directions on their website as to which type of chair it will fit over and how to properly install it. If I would have purchased it myself and seen those directions it’s quite possible nothing would have happened…that said, I’m still drawn in by their aesthetic, only I’m cautious about the implementation.

Oh, and the company also won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Green Award – which is great for them and worth mentioning.

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