Fashion Up: Get Your Sunglasses On

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Fashion Up: Get Your Sunglasses On

This just in from the fashion people: color, color, color. Have you seen the new neon? It’s everywhere. Pink. Green. Orange. Just SCREAMING AT YOU.

Peruse J Crew‘s new arrivals and, if you’re my age, you’ll start singing the Thompson Twins or Spandau Ballet what for all the 80s influence. At least color wise.

That said, since I’m terrified of color (Yes, that’s right. It scares me), I’m totally intrigued with the new look coming out. I dream of being able to wear ORANGE and not going around apologizing to everyone I see for being so loud. It’s not that I’m meek minded as much as I like to blend.

But I won’t be blending in neutrals! I went for a hike with a friend this past weekend and she had on a deep turquoise sweatshirt with a neon orange vest and a blue-green scarf. What with her deep red hair, she looked amazing! Just amazing. For a hike!

So she’s inspired me to venture out a bit. Try some color.

I bought a hot pink scarf. Woooo hoooo.

Images via J Crew.

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