Girls Night Out: Champs {Champagne} Bowling

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Girls Night Out: Champs {Champagne} Bowling

I’m digging the Real Housewives of Orange County and their approach to girl time this season. From Glamping with the girls to painting parties, I think they’re making it fun to get out of the house and get together.

More recently, in episode 9, they featured what Heather Dubrow called a “Champs Bowling Party” which is basically getting together for some healthy bowling competition and instead of drinking flat beer out of a red solo cup, you sip champagne. Brilliant!

Granted, you’d have to find a bowling alley that would serve the champagne – but that’s entirely possible. Locally, we have a Cinebistro which is a movie house that serves food and it also has a full bar AND bowling lanes. So, I’m betting they would offer the ability to have a “Champs” bowling party.

Another option in addition to a place like Cinebistro are gaming houses where they have full service bars and bowling alleys. And, you never know until you call your bowling alley if they can work it out for you by making advanced plans.

Once you know your local bowling alley can make the champagne happen, have each person in attendance pitch in for the bottle (or three) of champagne unless you’re comfortable covering the cost yourself.

Run a tournament of games and to add another fun element have prizes. You can keep it as simple or as complex as you’d like. Add in a dress code where each person has to wear a sparkle top or hot pink boas for an added element of fun and you have yourself a fantastic evening with the gals!

Would you participate in a champagne bowling party?

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