Golden Globe Fashion Trend Alert

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Golden Globe Fashion Trend Alert

In a word: glamorous. But since ‘glamor’ and ‘mom’ usually are mutually exclusive, that’s not what I’m talking about. I know, I know, all moms can be (and should be!) considered glamorous just by being us. Right? Right?

Whatever. The real world knows differently.

But, one of the cool things we can take home after this weekend’s gawk-fest is diamond stud earrings, the color nude, and mermaid fishtail dresses.

All three of these I can totally see doing! OK, only two. My daughter can rock the mermaid look and I’ll leave her to it.

I gotta get me some diamond (diamondique, diamonelle, or some other diamond look alike is fine by me) studs! Apparently the bigger the better.

As for nude clothing, this sort of scares me. Not as much as color scares me, so there’s that. And the other trend coming off the runway is color!!!!! So maybe in my middle of the road fashion you’ll see me in a lovely nude shirt with a colorful scarf around my neck.

Did you see Heidi Klum’s nude dress gathering?

Are you game for flattering the lovely ladies of the Globes by imitating?

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