Ikea Storage Bins for Your Kids

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Ahhhh, the wonders of Ikea. Like most people who move to the Bay Area, I maxed out on Ikea awhile ago, buying just about everything I saw and then either tossing it because it was cheap and it broke, hiding it in storage because again it was cheap and looked it, or just plain out grew it. However, I’ve found whole new reason to frequent Ikea again: children’s toys – buying, storing and organizing them.

I can’t even go in to all the toys we’ve bought from Ikea that are great, simple, wooden and sturdy. Not to mention fun. But, it’s the cheap storage of said toys that’s got my heart going pitter patter.

I’m not one of those parents who wants my house to become a playroom. Not if I can help it at least. I don’t want toys everywhere, I don’t want every room to have toys in it and I don’t want to trip over toys as I go from one room to the next. So off to Ikea I went to buy shelves, boxes and bins.

My personal favorite storage solution is the Emu, a silver tin box that looks great and not too “kiddie,” if you know what I mean. This is perfect if you don’t have the luxury of having a kid’s play room that is separate from the living room. I bought 3 sets of 2 boxes and I’m already thinking we may need more.

The Emu is big enough to fit big stuff in and small enough to stack. Plus, my daughter can handle all of the bins by herself, except the one with her wooden blocks.

As an added bonus, she LOVES to try to pry open the lid, dump out the contents and use it as a drum. This I like less than its original function of storing things, but what the hey, it entertains her for a good long time and that’s OK by me.

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