Last Minute Halloween Decorations

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Last Minute Halloween Decorations

This Halloween we will be out and about, so we don’t really have the need to decorate our house with much ghoulish fun. Oh, we have a pumpkin slowly rotting away on our doorstep that we carved last week (why is this a tradition – will someone please explain it to me?). But, if you want fun ideas for filling your house with creepy, scary stuff, then here are a few good things I’ve found:

Make your own tombstone out of cardboard, Krylon stone paint and your spooky ancestors.

Speaking of ancestors, let them get in on the fun too with these scary paranormal portraits.

Need a few paper bats flying overhead?

How about a wall full of black, scary plates. I bet paper plates (as long as they are sturdy paper plates) would work as well as real breakable ones…and that might be a more kid-friendly project as well!

Got lots of little rubber or plastic toys hanging around? Make mad scientist jars for them.

Cool pumpkin carving patterns.

Or even better, a jack-o-lantern TV.

Last year I made a few ghost portraits by simply using my baby’s feet as a stamp. I painted her whole foot white then pressed it down on black paper. Turn the footprint upside down and paint little eyes and voila! Ghosts.

If your dinner table could use a little gross-out factor, try this tentacle pot pie.

And lastly, don’t forget my all time, favorite Halloween idea: Dexter’s blood slides!

photo credits: top – House and Home; bottom – DIY Network

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