Moms Night In: Wine Tasting

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Moms Night In: Wine Tasting

Moms Night In with your girlfriends should be a regularity in your schedule. I’ve talked before about putting together a Bunco Night or a Pokeno Game or hosting an intimate Raclette Dinner Party because I think time socializing with someone other than your toddler or testy teen is important. And sure, your dear husband might be fun to visit with too, but there’s just something to be said about time with your girlfriends.

Another fantastic option for getting together is a wine and cheese tasting. It allows for lots of chatting, eating and the discovery of new wines and appetizing dishes. Truth be told, this party could be done with girlfriends or with couples, so run with it how you choose; just make socializing a priority!

There are a variety of ways you could do this. You can host the entire event yourself if you thrive in the creativity of that planning, or you can have guests bring items and it can be a potluck type event.

Self-Hosted Wine & Cheese Tasting

If you love to have the creative control of an entire event then here’s what you need to see this event through on your own:

  • Have a white wine glass and a red wine glass for each person attending. Provide wine charms and rinsing water for ease of changing out wines.
  • Choose 4-6 wines, half of which should be white and half red to meet the interests and palates of all attending. You may want multiple bottles of each wine depending on the number of guests…and whether or not you have lushes in your midst.
  • Once you’ve chosen your wines, do your research as to which foods pair nicely with them and create your menu accordingly.
  • Set up your spread with wines next to their complimentary dishes. Include labels next to wines and food items so attendees are aware of what they are getting and can make an informed decision both with dietary and personal taste in mind.
  • Provide pre-printed score sheets with wine names and lines for personal notes. This will allow for guests to go home with their own reminders as to which wines they might like to purchase again in the future.

Pot-luck Wine & Cheese Tasting Party

  • Instruct each guest to bring their favorite wine and cheese/appetizer pairing to the party.
  • Provide blank label tents for guests to use for labeling their wines and food items on the food table.
  • Have enough red and white wine glasses for each guest as well as wine charms and rinsing water.
  • Provide pens, blank templates for scoring/notes for guests to make notes of what items they enjoyed for future reference.

Nearing the end of either of the gatherings, a discussion of which wines and food items went together well can happen based on the score sheets.

At the close of the evening, you’ll have had a relaxing evening with friends and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the kids again.

**Please enjoy your wine responsibly and have a designated driver – or a cab.

Websites for Inspiration & Pairings:

Rachel Voorhees is a blogger who is nearing the end of her wine connoisseur training (i.e. Sommelier School) and her website is chaulk full of information on wine pairings, wine destinations and all things wine, wine and more wine. She is also a wine columnist as Momtastic  – keep tabs on her and you have a one-stop resource for your  Moms Night In party.

Pinterest is great for menu inspiration!

Can’t Make it Out? 

Have Wine, Will Drink is a newly launched site that aims to provide you with information and socialization all centered around wine. So, if you can’t get out for wine time with your friends, then have a Mom’s Night In with your online gal pals.

Have Wine, Will Drink hosts regular twitter parties using the hashtag #winebuzz. So if you can’t make it out for a wine tasting party, head over to their website and mark your calendar to meet up with the gals for a glass of wine and giveaways! It’s always a ton of fun!

Would you host a Wine and Cheese Tasting or attend one? 

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