Mother’s Day Gifts from Pottery Barn Kids

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Mother’s Day Gifts from Pottery Barn Kids

Well, they’ll think of everything, won’t they? Pottery Barn. Just when I think I’ve gotten all that I can out of them – my storage boxes, bookshelves, glider, play kitchen(!) – Pottery Barn Kids draws me back in. It’s like I don’t want to look at their catalogs anymore. But. I. Can’t. Help. Myself!

So, here’s what I found for ME (yes, me, not my young lovelies) at Pottery Barn Kids. I’m telling you this in case you still have hints to drop for upcoming Mother’s Day. Or you’ve got to get your mother something from the grandchildren and G-Ma, as a woman and mom, might just love some jewelry!

I’m not usually a girly-girl. I don’t typically like frilly things. And I don’t wear much jewelry because, well, frankly, I don’t remember to adorn myself. But I like adorning myself.

A mom’s take on dog tags. The Silver Name & Date Tag Necklace is so very simple. I think this is my favorite.

The Gold Pearl Chain Charm Necklace. Who wouldn’t love a little footprint?

The Gold Scroll Birthstone necklace is the most frilly among these and while the scrolly script letter isn’t my taste exactly, I do very much like it paired with a birthstone. Plus the script letter seems so 1980s to me and as I understand it, that decade is back in!

And for simplicity’s sake, the Birthstone Bead Necklace is an understated mommy necklace. You don’t scream, HEY HERE ARE MY KIDS AND YES I WENT THROUGH HOURS OF PAIN. Just a simple pop of color, the birthstone is enough reminder.

And if you aren’t a necklace girl, then how about this lovely Silver Personalized Birthstone Bracelet. It’s a lot more simple and sophisticated than a charm bracelet but still has all the juicy memory markers attached.

I’m so angling for the dog tags or the bracelet! If you happen to know my husband and he asks you what I might like for Mother’s Day, please, feel free to say, “I know just the thing!”

photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

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