No Time For Holiday Cards? Text with Zlango

Posted on Dec 19, 2011 by 4 Comments
No Time For Holiday Cards? Text with Zlango

That’s right. Channel your inner teen and text your heart away. You can even add fun/crazy/glam icons thanks to Zlango. Of course, if you actually were a teen, you’d already know about texting with attitude and icons and all that. You would have learned it by osmosis and be able to magically have your thoughts appear in a text without perceptibly moving any body part.

And yet, as a mom of a teen, here’s more of what you might send:

Zlango is an app you can download to your smart phone. You can then send text with icons that replace some or all of the words. If you’re thinking “why bother?” then you’re likely over the age of 18. But in case you want to know what those teenagers are up to these days, check out Zlango.

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