Pregnancy Brain: Yes, It’s Real, But Does It Matter?

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Pregnancy Brain: Yes, It’s Real, But Does It Matter?

Oh, right. I’ve been meaning to tell you. Just the other day, when I was…wait, lemme grab the carrots and get those on the stove…so, just the other day when I was looking for rain…whoops – gotta turn the stove on! So just the other day…wait. What was I saying?

Urgh. Mommy brain. The lingering effect of that hormone soaking called pregnancy. And it’s been 2 years since I’ve been pregnant.

Let’s face it, pregnancy doesn’t just change a woman’s body forever – not to mention her life! – it changes her brain. Chemically.

In a recent article in Newsweek, it appears that losing cognitive abilities because of the hormone deluge of pregnancy is actually a good thing. Apparently, mommies don’t need to string their thoughts together in a coherent way. Whoo hoo!

No, seriously. While pregnant women may sound (and feel) incoherent, all those hormones might actually be preparing the new mom-to-be for motherhood by improving spacial and multi-tasking abilities as well as increasing boldness and decreasing anxiety. And this lasts a lifetime. At least in the rats they studied.

So rejoice in your new, shrinking, scattered brain! It’s meant to serve you well. While I’m not so sure I buy the long term, evolutionary effects of scatterbrained mommies, I sure do like the fact that we all are in the same boat at least. ;)

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