Scarf Tying Made Simple

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Scarf Tying Made Simple

I heart scarves. It has taken me living in San Francisco for a decade – on and off – to learn how to tie a scarf, what with all the cold foggy days here. And it’s not that I do it properly or anything. Mine is always a little pulled together, a little messy. Much like my hair. And my clothes. And my kids. Ah, hell, much like my life. ;)

So, when I saw this video on 25 ways to wear a scarf, I couldn’t stop watching. In fact, I need to go back and watch in slo-mo again just so I can remember a few of the tricks on tying a scarf.

25 ways! Who knew you could tie one long piece of fabric in so many different ways. By the way, Wendy – the model in the video – has her own fashion blog. She’s incredibly stylish and I’m becoming addicted to her style videos. Watch out – you might, too.

Typically, I do the basic loop and the toss. That’s me, a tosser. And yes, I just called my self a tosser (of sorts, ha!).

But I love that you can do an infinity (think snood) with a regular scarf. I’m gonna try that today! What about you? Find an old/new way in there?

Do tell!!!

Also, in the spirit of accessorizing for those of us who don’t really know how, here’s a great tutorial on belts, from how to tie fabric belts to how to make your belt fit just right, even when it doesn’t.


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