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Video: Less Stress When Feeding Your Baby

Posted on Feb 3, 2015 by No Comments

With 75 percent of new moms returning to work, there are more mothers than ever balancing family and work. 42% of moms returning to work attribute their stress to feeding their baby, whether its breast feeding or formula feeding. Tammy Gold, parenting expert and author, discusses solutions and strategies to help new moms combat stress.

Video: Shaping Your Baby’s Language Skills

Posted on Dec 18, 2014 by 1 Comment

Babies are sponges when it comes to language. So it’s no surprise that how much and what you say to your baby could have a big impact on how they speak in the future. How can you give your little one an advantage? Take the time and speak up.

Video: Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Were Told Their Baby Could Have Special Needs

Posted on Dec 5, 2014 by 1 Comment

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were devastated when they were told their son was likely to have special needs. The husband and wife open up in a new interview.


Video: Three Great Gadgets for Baby #2

Posted on May 2, 2014 by No Comments

When pregnant with the first child, you get a lot of clothes, toys, and a lot of stuff you hardly use. Second time around, you know more of what you’ll actually need — like these three great gadgets!

Video: The Supernanny Talks Toddlers and Tantrums

Posted on Apr 14, 2014 by No Comments

Jo Frost, aka The Supernanny, stops by the mom.me studio to talk tantrums and parenting.

Video: How to Install a Car Seat

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 by No Comments

Carole Kramer-Arsenault, a registered nurse, explains how parents can safely install a car seat. NOTE these instructions are for a forward-facing toddler seat, not an infant or baby seat that has different requirements and installation instructions.

Video: How to Put an Infant Down to Nap

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 by No Comments

Carole Kramer-Arsenault, a registered nurse, explains why nap schedules are important for babies.

Video: 12 Items to Get Before Bringing Baby Home

Posted on Dec 6, 2013 by 1 Comment

Lindsay Pinchuk, founder of “Bump Club and Beyond,” shares the items to make sure you have in your house before bringing your newborn home.

Video: Five Reasons To Normalize Breastfeeding

Posted on Oct 25, 2013 by 1 Comment

The benefits of breastfeeding have been proven over and over again, but the stigma of doing it in public remains. Check out the top 5 reasons why we should all be OK with moms nursing in public!