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A Whole New Way To Shop: Your Own Personal Shopper

Posted on Nov 3, 2011 by 5 Comments

Do you ever wonder how some women do it? Look great, stylish, fashionable, and yet effortless? Well, I’ll tell you one of the best kept secrets I just learned…they don’t do it alone! They, too, might gloss over when shopping, fingering only the black long sleeve t-shirt, you know, the one that looks exactly like the 5 already hanging in the closet. But those women, they know of the wonderfulness that is the personal shopper.

This is what happened to me the other day when I went shopping in Banana Republic. I made it into the store, determined to purchase something cool, hip, modern and yet playground appropriate. (And, no, that ISN’T an oxymoron!) I walked through the racks, completely overwhelmed by the bazillion choices. I couldn’t see the outfits through all those clothes in the forest if you know what I mean. Even with the display models looking all decked out.

I walked out empty handed with a headache. Defeated. Depressed that I couldn’t hack it, couldn’t find my inner creative clothes horse. Instead, I trotted my all-too-drab pack horse self out the door. But I stopped at the desk and made an appointment with a personal shopper before I left.

What, praytell, is a personal shopper and how much does it cost?

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Always a Good Time To Find A LBD at Banana Republic

Posted on Sep 27, 2011 by 4 Comments

Personally, I think little black dresses (aka LBD) should be more Audrey Hepburn than Lindsay Lohan – emphasis on the ‘dress’ and not on the ‘little.’ But it’s hard to find a good LBD that isn’t boring and too simple to be stunning. For me, anyway, it is. I figure, wrongly, that to be universal and appropriate for many an occasion, it must not be trendy.

Well, I don’t think I’m wrong so much as misguided. There are plenty LBDs that are both on trend and simply sophisticated. Banana Republic, a brand I love but unfortunately I love it so much I’m tired of it, has a great new Read more…