The Mommy Files: 5 Quick Crockpot Dinners

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The Mommy Files: 5 Quick Crockpot Dinners

I know winter is nearly over and before we know it, summer will be here. And who wants to drag out the slow cooker in the summer, right?

Summer is the time for grilling…or is it?

The slow cooker is actually a fantastic secret weapon in the summer. Why? Because you can cook a fabulous meal with minimal effort and without heating up your kitchen.


So, here are my five favorite recipes for the summer…all made right in the crockpot.

BBQ Beer Chicken. Even if I hadn’t tried this recipe and was completely unable to vouch for how ridiculously tasty it is, I’d probably put it up here anyway, just so you could look at the pretty pictures. Which, by the way, don’t do it justice. It’s seriously yummy. Serve it up with some sliced raw veggies, kettle chips, lemonade (or whatever your beverage of choice is), and gelato for dessert. Yum.

Rice Pudding. Ok, so this isn’t really a meal…but it could be breakfast. I’m a big believer that you can have anything for breakfast, even dessert, if you made it from scratch. So, while that makes blueberry crisp acceptable, it makes Oreo’s a no-no (even though they probably have the same sugar content). At any rate, rice pudding is “sweet and yummy,” as my 2 year old puts it. And while the recipe calls for serving it warm, I say cool it off and have it any old time.

Chickpea Stew with Caramelized Onions. Good hot or cold, this is one of those dishes that you throw together on a Sunday and pack it for lunch during the workweek. Or, you pack it for a picnic. Either way, you’ll enjoy every last bite. Bulk it up with some brown rice.

Ratatouille. Use up all those veggies from the garden!! Serve this with pasta, rice…it’s chunky enough you could even let the kids use big tortilla chips to scoop it up. Very versatile, very tasty.

Crockpot Pizza. This doesn’t even require commentary; the name says it all.



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