The Mommy Files: Creative Uses for Pegboard

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The Mommy Files: Creative Uses for Pegboard

Thinking about pegboard reminds me of being in the garage as a kid. Boring, boring white pegboard everywhere! With tools hanging all over it.


But as an adult, I have found some unlikely uses for this inexpensive hardware store staple. And have figured out that I can use it everywhere from my kitchen pantry to my kids’ rooms. And when I started looking around the Internet, I found out that I’m not the only one who has come to that conclusion.

Real Simple Magazine has an awesome photo gallery of super-cute pegboards. I’m particularly partial to the office one … and Martha Stewart has a piece on storing your gardening gear via pegboard.

Frankly, one of the cutest images I’ve seen was over at Technicolor Dreams … I LOVE what she did with this! Painting it like that is awesome, and if you scroll down her post, you’ll see that it coordinates perfectly with her sewing desk. Love.

So, what are some other ideas?

What about in the kids’ bedrooms? Create a room divider out of it and put it on casters. Spray paint the whole thing and then hang up artwork, hair accessories, school awards, and anything else you can think of.

I’m also thinking it would be good in a broom closet. We, frankly, do not have a broom closet. Which means that we instead use a bunch of hooks on the wall of a staircase to hang things like brooms, mops, and dustpans … then we throw everything else under the sink.

But I’m considering hanging a piece of pegboard in the staircase instead … that way everything will be hung in single form rather than several pieces combined on a hook. The same could hold true for a coat closet.

Apartment Therapy has cute ideas for use in the kitchen (which I might try this as well) … like, how great would it be to just make one into a spice rack???

And finally, head over to Vintiquities Muse and see all they’ve done with pegboard. I may have found a new favorite blog!

photo credit: real simple

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