The Mommy Files: Growth Charts for Kids

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The Mommy Files: Growth Charts for Kids

Remember when we were kids and our parents had us stand against a door frame … a pencil or marker perched precariously over the crown of our head? Remember how excited we were to grab the yard stick and see just how tall we really were?

It was all so very exciting.

In some families (like mine) this has gone on for several generations … first it was the marks of my dad on the doorframe … then followed all four of us kids … now it’s the grandchildren. Needless to say, the doorframe is getting pretty crowded.

I have a feeling that our generation will not have the same types of doorframes … and by that I mean, we tend to move around more than our grandparents did. So our growth charts really need to move with us.

Single Stone Studios makes adorable growth charts that are decals for the walls; just use a permanent marker to chart your child’s height. The version shown above is technically for boys, but could easily be used in a girl’s room as well. They also have cute trees with owls and birds on them.

Miss Natalie’s Heirloom Growth Chart has been a favorite of mine for quite some time—as evidenced by my glowing review over at Smart Mom Picks. The burlap ribbon can be tacked up anywhere you’d like; just write your child’s height and the date you measured on the provided tags and pin it to the burlap. When your child is done growing, fold it up and repackage it in the heirloom wooden box. Then tuck it away for the future when they have their own homes and families.

For those of you that are a little bit crafty and even more visual, try taking your kiddo’s photo at a certain milestone each year. We’ve done this with our oldest … taking her photo on the first day of school every year, complete with a sign to signify the grade and (as she has gotten older) a look of sheer exasperation at the thought of having to pose for the camera.

Martha Stewart (of course) actually has a ton of really great ideas on how to put together childhood milestones; definitely check it out.

photo credit: single stone studios


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