The Wonders of a Red Wallet

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The Wonders of a Red Wallet

This is going to sound crazy. I just bought a new red wallet (on a great sale at Kate Spade!) and on buying it I thought WOW THAT’S RED. But I felt compelled to buy it, not because it’s Kate Spade and not even because it was on super sale. I just had to have it. It called to me. It’s come hither lipstick red. That’s not the crazy part.

When I got home and organized all my things in it, I thought, uh oh…did I just stash all my money in something as red as fire? As in burning a hole in my pocket? As in that’s what my mom has always said about me and money? OOOOHH NOOOOO NOT GOOD!

One of my goals this year is to make as much money as I can in order to buy a house. So spending it willy-nilly isn’t on the agenda (present example of buying a Kate Spade red wallet not included). Maybe you can see why Mom used to always tell me that?

Again, not the crazy part.

Instead of getting all worried about the potential of burning through my money, I Googled ‘red wallet’ and feng shui and guess what y’all! Red wallets attract wealth! Yippee.

Typically I don’t put much stock in this sort of thing not because I think it doesn’t work but because I think we never hear about when it doesn’t work, so all the information out there seems lopsided to me. Or maybe it’s all hooey. I don’t know.

But I love love love that I intended, at the beginning of the year, to buy a house and houses cost money, right. And I just bought something that will attract money to me.

Alright, money…here I am. Have wallet. Hop right in. Hooray for the red wallet.

And yep, that’s the crazy part ;)


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