Top Mom Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week

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Top Mom Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week

I’ll be the first to say that regular moms won’t be finding their new look at New York Fashion Week. I’m all for staying on trend, being current and looking good, but I’m also a mom. A mom who gets dirty, icky gross, sticky dirty on a daily basis.

That said, I’m hearing on the street that there are three new trends emerging from fashion week that I, with all my mom activities, can seriously get behind.

First is the sporty look. Anoraks, board pants, mesh. I think I can pair a hoodie with jeans, or wear shorts (with tights underneath) and feel totally comfortable and like myself, only a stylish self.

Then there are dresses. Not short mini dresses that are sleeveless and basically cocktail attire. No, I mean long sleeved dresses that are casual but look so put together. And skirts that brush the knee or (OMG!) even fall below the knee. How scandalous. To wear a dress that doesn’t show your bits when you bend over…how visionary.

And lastly, the jacket. My favorite. I can live in jackets. Seriously. I’d throw a jacket on over PJs and feel dressed. OK, not really, but I do think that jackets add a level of ‘doneness’ to any outfit and make a mom look great.

There are bold colors everywhere for the spring lines, like screaming yellow and shocking pick. Color. With a capital C. And floral prints. As in Hawaiian shirt floral. Two things I’m not so keen on. But, hey, in the interest of experimenting, I can add a dash of this and that to my otherwise neutral wardrobe.

How about you? You feeling as optimistic as the new trends to come out of fashion week? What new style inspiration are you looking at perusing?

For a more complete look at New York Fashion Week trends, check out this excellent slide show on The Telegraph newspaper’s site.

photo credit: all photos Mitchell Sams via The Telegraph

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